Employer Services

At Integrated Staffing and Training, we offer a comprehensive range of Employer Services to meet the unique recruitment needs of both local and overseas employers. Our services include:

What We Offer

End-to-End Recruitment

We provide end-to-end recruitment services to help employers find the right candidates for their organization. Our recruitment process is tailored to each client's specific needs, ensuring that we identify and attract the best fit candidates for their organization.

Advertising and Shortlisting

We help our clients advertise their job openings to attract a diverse pool of candidates. We then shortlist the most suitable candidates based on our client's job requirements. Our advertising and shortlisting services are designed to save our clients time and resources while ensuring they get the right talent for their organization.

Talents Assessment

We offer talent assessment services to help our clients evaluate the skills, knowledge, and abilities of potential employees. Our talent assessment services are designed to help our clients make informed decisions during the recruitment process, ensuring that they select the best fit candidate for their organization.


We offer outsourcing services to our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business while we handle their staffing needs. Our outsourcing solutions include staff augmentation, project-based outsourcing, and complete recruitment process outsourcing. We understand that every client has unique recruitment needs, and our outsourcing solutions are tailored to meet those needs.

At Integrated Staffing and Training, we understand the importance of finding the right talent for your organization, whether you are a local or overseas employer. Our team of recruitment professionals and HR experts are dedicated to providing outstanding service and finding the right fit for your organization. We are committed to delivering customized, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to meet your recruitment needs.