Getting the right people for the right jobs

At INTEGRATED STAFFING AND TRAINING LTD , we understand that businesses can only compete successfully if they have the right people in the right jobs. This calls for a process of improving talent management. They must reinvent their recruitment and hiring processes and fill positions with the best talent possible.

Businesses must hire the right people for the right job and create the best environment possible to produce maximum performance. Each person brings their own set of unique skills, talents, and competencies to the job. The trouble is most organizations fall short in matching the job with the individual. The end result is poor job performance, higher turnover, and greater employee dissatisfaction.

We come in to fill the gaps in the traditional and obsolete hiring practices through our end-to-end recruitment and selection process.

Our Solution

Integrated Staffing and Training Limited’s success has been achieved by taking time to listen, fully understanding your needs and communicating with you. We will provide you with all or any portion of the recruitment/selection process that you require including:
Determining your staffing needs
Writing job descriptions
Developing recruitment strategies
Writing and posting vacancies
Screening resumes
Conducting telephone screening interviews
Providing a short list of candidates
Developing effective interview questions
Conducting interviews with you or on your behalf
Administering assessments for fit
Analyzing results – making recommendations
Completing reference and/or background checks
Designing the employment offer

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